Product Image Price- Item Name
Bacon and Eggs $9.00

Bacon and Eggs

"bacon and eggs" two strips of bacon and two runny eggs on top a spinach garnish, plated on a white plastic button. the bacon is made from...
Barbecued Eel Over Rice $38.50

Barbecued Eel Over Rice

"eel bowl table setting (minus table)" three bento bowls of barbecued eel over rice and nori (seaweed paper), with eel sauce (which is the...
Big Quiche $22.00

Big Quiche

"big quiche" a multi-serving of quiche in a white metal baking dish, the crust is made of LaDoll clay, which is painted with acrylics and...
Bread Sticks and Sauce $20.00

Bread Sticks and Sauce

"bread sticks and sauce" a plate of bread sticks and a bowl of marinara, plated on white plastic buttons. the bread sticks are LaDoll clay,...
Breakfast Plate - Eggs and Sausage $22.00

Breakfast Plate - Eggs and Sausage

"breakfast plate with eggs and sausages" this plate showcases a diner masterpiece: scrambled eggs and sausage patties and links. the eggs...
Breakfast Plate with Bacon $20.00

Breakfast Plate with Bacon

"breakfast plate with bacon, hash browns, toast and sausage link" sort of a sampler plate of breakfast, the toast is dry (and not as white...
Chicken and Waffles $22.00

Chicken and Waffles

"chicken and waffles on a red plate" this indulgent pile of food includes two waffles and two pieces of fried chicken, doused in syrup and...
Chicken and Waffles (blue plate)

Chicken and Waffles (blue plate)

"chicken and waffles (blue plate)" this one refused to photograph well. it was just ornery. chicken and waffles with maple syrup and hot...
Chocolate Chip Pancakes $16.50

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

"chocolate chip pancakes" a stack of pancakes, drizzled with chocolate syrup, chocolate shavings and a dusting of cinnamon and powdered...
Eggs with Red Sauce and Spinach $9.00

Eggs with Red Sauce and Spinach

"eggs with red sauce and spinach" a plate of two fried eggs sprinkled with bits of red and green peppers, in a red sauce with spinach...

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