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About us

Custom Dollhouse specializes in classic style doll house furniture crafted to be family heirlooms as generations experience the joy of collecting miniatures. We are much more than just a supplier of miniature furniture - we take extensive pride in the design of our dollhouse furniture and also in our customer service.

We are pleased to invite you to browse our selection of high quality handcrafted miniature furniture for doll houses and room boxes. Our prestigious doll house furniture is either stained or painted using traditional finishing techniques, to enhance the beauty of the timber and the workmanship of each piece. We are the largest manufacturer of miniature furniture in Australia were our furniture is designed and proto-typed.

As a service to our customers we maintain stocks in Australia, America and Canada and Spain.
We specialize in handcrafted miniature furniture in 1:12 and 1:24 .1:48 scale so we are able to provide a greater range and make available to our customers furniture that is unique. We have direct access to artisans giving us the flexibility to produce furniture or room boxes to order.

Many of the lines are limited editions establishing the Custom Dollhouse range as furniture for the discerning collector.We acknowledge that it is only through you as a collector and hobbyist that the joy of being a miniaturist can be perpetuated.

We aim to make your purchase an easy transaction, with timely and cost effective delivery.
We believe that service is not just, what we can do for you, but also how we can add value to your shopping experience and how we can offer the best in product quality and design.
Custom Dollhouse is a company you can trust to deliver what we promise. 

Our aim is to be a recognized supplier of high quality miniature furniture that is well priced, meets market demands and gives lasting pleasure to the purchaser.