Doll Furniture Making: The Quick and Easy

Doll furniture for whatever the size of your dolls can simply be made and customized. There is heaps of doll furniture that you can personally design such as rugs, tables, bed, sofa, chair, pictures as well as wardrobes. Supplies are may be paint, cloth, fabric, foam or even the deli trays. You will only be surprised of where your creativity and ingenuity will take you.

Different doll furniture types are ideal for different displays and plays. For example, a chair is a must-have for displays, whereas beds are more fitting to play. Same principles apply to toddler dolls, child dolls or baby dolls.

Chairs are highly versatile doll furniture type. When you can make your dolls sit down or stand up, all kinds of interesting doll groupings can be obtained. Chairs can also provide a different eye-level interest to your displays. There have been a lot of chairs produced this year for different kinds of dolls available in the market.

Tables are another kind of doll furniture that poses more difficulty to create than chairs simple due to the huge space it takes up. Small cocktail-sized tables amid two chairs are best while larger ones like dining tables can take up much area. Yet, tables are still fantastic as accessory displays and are great for play. While tables are seemed difficult to find, you can make a simple one made of wood or cardboard and just attractively cover it with fabric.

Another interesting doll furniture to display is the armoire. Armoires often give depth, where doll accessories can be placed. It can also be great as play value since nothing is more fun than dressing your dolls from a fully-stocked armoire. You can choose vintage or antique wood types.

Beds, as considered doll furniture are often impractical to display because they donít suit tidily on most of the shelves. Yet, still nothing batters the playing value of doll beds. Whether you are playing your dolls or sending them to bed, generally doll beds are fun.

Wardrobe cases are not at all furniture yet they are among the highly essential items for play and display. Although this is more difficult to put than armoires, wardrobe cases considerably show off accessories and clothing of your dolls. What is better is they can pile up loads of more accessories, shoes and clothing in an ordered manner.

Among other doll furniture include vanities, desks or wardrobe screens. The list is long and it is your preference to purchase or customized whichever furniture will your dolls collection needs.

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