About Custom Dollhouse

The home of Custom Dollhouse is an old Queenslander house situated in the rainforest on Mt Tamborine (Australia). Mt Tamborine is due west of the Gold coast and offers fantastic views of the Gold Coast high rises and coast line from one side and of the beautiful farmland in the valley of an extinct volcano.

Ours like many miniature businesses is family run. We have a small shop at the front of our house and because we specialise in miniature furniture, one wall at the end of the shop has been devoted to miniature furniture. The miniature furniture is arranged in periods so we have created what might be considered to be a mini furniture museum. As well as the three very big dollhouses on display we carry all the miniature accessories required to make your dollhouse a home.

Our web site Miniatures by Custom Dollhouse displays even more items that we have in stock because we have tried to give miniature enthusiasts and opportunity to access miniatures from many well know manufacturers as well artisans who have been allowed us to offer their beautiful work to others who may not have direct access to them by other means.

We have tried to be the number one supplier of all dollhouse accessories and also we are able to provide access to select manufacturers for custom work. This is particularly exciting as we can make miniature furniture to suit a room or special room box from customers pictures and drawings. We have done many designs in furniture and soft furnishings to fit very specific miniature requirements.

We are a small family business with strong values on how we run it. We are involved in local community projects on the mountain. Our goal is to let as many people know about the fun they can have building a beautiful house or project in miniature.